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A Digital Tool To End The Woes Of Poor School Management- aSMS

A Digital Tool To End The Woes Of Poor School Management- aSMS

Management of data and information on a daily basis can prove to be a tedious task. Consistency in operations is often the result of good and robust management of that data and information. However, pen & paper management for complex operations or activities which require zero-error management proves to be difficult for any organization aspiring to grow.

Automating operations across all facets of the organization is what led Aarav Solutions in formulating a highly secure and reliable platform for education institutes- aSMS (Aarav School Management System). Tailored to the needs of an educational institute, aSMS brings unique solutions for staff, teachers, parents, and students under the same roof. Here are few features of aSMS for education institutions of all sizes to achieve a successful, efficient and effective school management system:

Seamless Admission Process: The devil is in details and admission or enrolment process is the most vital process for all education institutes. Detailed information at each stage of admission process enables institutes to follow a transparent process. Our school management system includes the entire admission process making yearly enrollment seamless.

Attend to the Attendance: Faculty, employee and students attendance is another essential part of an educational institution. Built-in tracking, accessing and analyzing day to day activities- like attendance- through a simple, sophisticated and secured school management system enables organizations to efficiently allocate and manage time. aSMS works with a centralized module for attendance to keep track of all the faculty, employee and student attendance.

All the Data At One Place: Our school management system enables education institutes to increase their productivity by storing all information related to students such as address, blood group, education history, achievements, monthly/yearly assessments, assignments and much more. Accurate and readily available data makes our school management system for day to day activities especially in cases of an emergency reliable.

Human Resources (HR) Module: Integrated within our school management system is the HR module. For instance, the payroll module which is integrated within the HR module gives ease of calculation and generates salary details of employee and faculty members of the institute based on their pay-grades. HR module offers more unique features which can easily be tailored to the needs of the educational institution such as Leave Management System.

Active & Trackable: Active participation of all the parents in school activities paves the path for better quality education. aSMS offers anytime, anywhere access of attendance, timetables, marks, grades and examination schedule for teachers, students and parents and trackability of any minor or major aspect of the educational institution. Timely and efficient manner helps secure confidence among staff, teachers, students and parents in the system’s ability and its skillfulness.

Today, current technology gives us result-oriented tools to overcome mismanagement at the click of a button. For instance, the exchange of interdepartmental information via digital platforms has transformed the very fabric of management with effective and innovative software. It has made organizations of all sizes maximize productivity, apt use of available resources and generate ROI’s (Return on Investment) a lot more than ever before.

Our vision to boost the quality of education institute management and trackability gave rise to Aarav Solutions aSMS (Aarav’s School Management System). Our solutions are ready to deploy at any school, college or university. It is based out of Enterprise Resource Planning which gives your school management system a rock solid foundation to manage and execute daily tasks.

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