Web App Development

Our team at Aarav Solutions is committed to development of high quality applications and services for our clients. Web app development services by Aarav Solutions are no exception. We strive to create innovative applications which can meet your business requirements perfectly.

Our clientele comprises of a wide spectrum of enterprise businesses from around the world – with varying requirements. Aarav Solutions has helped to fulfill diverse client objectives ranging from reaching the target audience to increasing subscriptions with our web app development services.

Web App Development

Working with clients of all scales and across different industries has given us valuable experience for custom web development. Working with small startup businesses helps us innovate and experiment with the latest technology while working with large scale enterprise businesses has helped us know more about scalability and brand cohesion.

Our services include:


Java Development

Our decades of experience has seasoned us to work with web development using Java. We create smooth functioning custom made web applications for our clients on this platform.


E-commerce Development

The team at Aarav Solutions keeps up with the latest trends in technology and we have been involved in developing e-commerce portals from scratch since the last five years. Our expertise in e-commerce development is unparalleled.


.NET Development

Using the .NET framework for web development is an area of expertise for the Aarav Solutions team since inception. We have helped clients around the world create websites which conform to their requirments.


PHP Development

At Aarav Solutions we use the dynamic scripting language PHP for various web development projects. Our developers are skilled and experienced in PHP development.


Laravel Development

In the past, Aarav Solutions has often worked on web development projects which needed the MVC architecture. Our expertise and experience with Laravel development has helped us deliver high quality web applications here as well.


WordPress Development

As one of the most popular web development platforms WordPress has been our most used tool so far. We have undertaken various web development projects on wordpress and hold expertise in this.


Angular JS Development

Developing web applications and responsive website using angular js javascript framework has been a forte for the Aarav Solutions team.


React JS Development

The Aarav Solutions team has a lot of experience working with the React JS development. Breaking the user interface into components helps to customize various elements which otherwise is not possible.


Node JS Development

Our team specializes in nodejs development. We have developed numerous chat and news feed applications with the help our expertise with this technology.


Why Choose Aarav Solutions

As a leading name in web application development, Aarav Solutions prides itself in our team of expert developers. It is our experience which has made Aarav Solutions a trusted name in the web app development domain.

At Aarav Solutions our focus is on building dynamic and scalable web applications which contribute to the digital transformation of your business. We work with open source (Java, PHP) to develop high quality web apps. At Aarav Solutions our clients can choose from a wide range of options including website development, intranet applications, cloud based applications or on premise according to their business needs.

Our services include:


Customized Web Application Development

Whether your business need is a simple website or a mission critical web solution to automate a business process – at Aarav Solutions we can customize the web application development so that it fits your business needs perfectly.



The Aarav Solutions team is experienced in developing web applications that can work across different platforms. We develop mobile cross platform web applications which are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. This helps to increase the reach and interaction of your web applications with your target audience.


E-Commerce Applications

We create robust e-commerce solutions that are committed to data security. At Aarav Solutions our goal is to empower e-commerce websites with secure and scalable e-commerce web applications. We hold expertise in e-commerce technology and have developed web applications that manage all aspects of online sales including billing, catalogs, order fulfillment and inventory management.


Portal Development

Aarav Solutions Team specializes in developing web and enterprise portals. We create customized portals that can enhance the operational efficiency. We strive to develop web and enterprise portals that aid communication and sharing of data with ease. Our team is experienced in development of B2C and B2B portals, enterprise information systems and media portals.


Website renovation and maintenance

Websites that have been used for a long time often need a re-vamp and make-over to create a fresh impression on users. Our team of expert web developers have built new versions that are modern and sophisticated for our clients. This is also helpful in optimizing the existing web applications to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

Aarav Solutions is multi-faceted organization with a domain expertise in custom web app development. We strive to help you meet your business objectives and improve visibility for your brand by helping you make the most of your digital web estate.