All weather security – PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System)

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March 14, 2018
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Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Aarav Solutions PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) products eradicate any weak point or unauthorized access, closing in on any redundancies and loopholes in your business security measures. Securing areas, or facilities, with strong PIDS products such as smart barriers, buried sensors, fence mounted sensors, fiber optic sensors and virtual fences, which prevent any intruder seeking access and work effortlessly in challenging situations like heavy rains, the wind, salt, snow, extreme temperatures, severe traffic vibrations and much more.

It has become crucial for businesses, more than ever, to ensure safety and defense mechanisms with apt security technology. However, PIDS does more than just a perimeter security tool as it links up with the cybersecurity which fluently eliminates intrusions and efficiently managing the security of personnel and/or protected assets.

How Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Do So? Here Is How:

Incognito Mode

PIDS products are easy to install, safe and can easily be distributed on various areas of your property, either residential or business, such as entrances, doors, windows, porches, etc. in a disguised manner. Used as a preventive tool to avoid access to intruders PIDS does not put people at risk in the event of a false alarm being triggered off and may either be passive or active, where the former evaluates the energy transmitted by a change in the environment such as in the case of an intruder, and the later transmits some form of energy and evaluates the change received in return. Typically this would cover facilities which require avoiding unauthorized access to disclosure, modification and/or destruction of valuable data and information and Aarav Solution has been very successful in deploying PIDS for our clients.

Customizes To Your Needs

PIDS products can be designed for different levels of risks specifically for the purpose to eradicate loopholes in physical security measures. Modern PIDS systems are equipped with sensors which are highly effective and often don’t get triggered off by animals, or vegetation. Along with security measures, such as CCTV cameras, PIDS lets you or the security personnel, secure the perimeter from any breach of security with tools to be proactive and reactive at any given point of time.

Beyond Perimeter

A PIDS takes into account a number of variables such as climate, topography, budget, and threat to deliver accurate analysis and detect potential intruders. The robustness of Aarav Solutions PIDS makes it ready to deploy at airports, borders and border crossings, nuclear and conventional power stations. Furthermore, they can also be implemented at Oil & Gas facilities, Pipelines, Prison facilities, Military, Police, Special forces, Critical infrastructures, Utilities, Municipalities and Safe City applications.

Protection from cyber theft is an integral part of developing a business and Aarav Solutions Cyber Security features safeguards businesses from any and all potential cyber threats. Aarav’s cybersecurity approach? Detect, Respond, Prevent! The security solutions developed by Aarav Solutions have a wide-ranging threat detection capabilities and as per our client needs these Cybersecurity Solutions can be customized to meet specific security requirements. With our cyber security in place, including PIDS, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), acting as a powerful deterrent against physical and cyber theft, we help increase profitability for your business. To know more about Aarav Solutions Infrastructure Support Services, Operational Assistance and other security detection measures, contact us at

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