Two Leading Cyber Security Measures, Effortlessly Protecting Assets, Information And Data!

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Reducing the risk of unauthorized information has become crucial for businesses, ensuring to avoid disclosure, modification and/or destruction of valuable data and information. With cyber theft occurring worldwide, leading to multi-million dollar in damages, cyber security has become an integral part of developing business and to establish defense mechanisms with apt cyber security technology. If you own a business, or planning to open one soon, with some, or any, business data through technological infrastructures such as networking, hardware, programs and data, then investing in cyber security would only help you eradicate any weak point or unauthorized access. Here are 2 simple ways you can implement technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks from malware across different facets of the business:

  • CCTV Surveillance

    Viewed on monitors, or television screens, CCTV are the most common and efficient form of protecting the premises of your business, work area and/or home, from intrusions. CCTV surveillance uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, where activities for critical areas can be assessed to avoid intruders and huge monetary losses. CCTV surveillance have proven to make households and businesses safer, including the safety and wellbeing of employees, protect from trespassers with its high resolution imaging and motion control imaging, provide complete record to revisit any unfortunate event, monitor staff with managers able to do more meaningful work in their time at the workplace and help increase profitability for businesses, as it acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and increases productivity by keeping employees focused.

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

    Think cyber security is only to protect information and data? Cyber security also links up fluently with preventing intrusions. How so? Acting as one of the key resources for enterprises and organization, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System has proven again and again to be worth every penny invested in it by preventing and efficiently managing the security of personnel and protected assets. With its integration and high-performance intrusion detection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System are equipped with closing in any redundancies, or loopholes, in security measures, thus preventing any intruders seeking to gain unauthorized access to secure areas or facilities. With sensors and optic sensors working effortlessly in challenging situations like heavy rains, snow, extreme temperatures and much more, the advantages of placing a robust perimeter security to secure your assets can dramatically prove to be significant in the operations of your enterprise, or organization.

Taking initiative to detect cyber threats than trying to prevent them can help your organization achieve more in terms of efficiency, security and productivity. With leading organizations aiming to attain perfect protection from malicious behaviours, the need to avoid any security incident with strong response to is crucial today, than ever before. With enterprises and organizations moving up the ladder in operations across all facets with the help of technological advancements and infrastructure, having layers of capable preventive controls is the key to avoid any breach. At Aarav Solutions, our cybersecurity Solutions such as PIDS, CCTV and PSIM measures are ready to be deployed at Airports, Seaports, Borders and Border Crossing, Nuclear and Conventional power stations, Oil & Gas facilities, Pipelines, Prison facilities, Municipalities, and many more. Our philosophy? Detect, Respond and Prevent! Know more about India’s leading cyber security solutions provider visit

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