India ranks second in global telecommunications market with continuous upsurging growth patterns. With a mobile economy growing swiftly, Telecom industry is highly contributing to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, with technology advancements, telecommunication organizations need to restructure themselves around corporate clients, end customers, market enlargement, industry drifts and new state of the art infrastructure.

Aarav SolutionsTM

Aarav SolutionsTM is an emergent provider of BSS and OSS solutions to Telcos globally. We are domain experts in the telecom industry with expertise in providing high-end Telecom Consultancy Services. With experience and after analyzing these technological advancements, Aarav SolutionsTM is now ready to provide highly critical telecom solutions to Telcos on the way providing resourceful products to the end customers.

Along with services and solutions, we also provide products which empower Enterprise Billing in the cloud and billing for corporate businesses. Aarav SolutionsTM provides solutions using Oracle Communication products which include PDC, OBRM, OSM, ECE, MetaSolv, UIM, AIA and ASAP.


Our solutions cover Oracle CRM and products like Siebel and Salesforce. Along with ERP products like Oracle EBS, Information Architecture using Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and Master Data Management suite.

We help wireline and wireless Telco’s to deliver high performance. We provide key telecom solutions that can assist in creating and managing new products and services better, at low cost and reduced risks.