SAP Implementation Services

Aarav Solutions is one of the leading SAP Implementation services provider in India and USA. With almost a decade of experience and hundreds of happy clients, we can safely say that our expertise can help your business achieve sustainable growth.

SAP Implementation – The Aarav Way

Our SAP implementation services cover the entire enterprise life cycle. Years of experience across a plethora of clients from different industries has helped us build a pool of experts who understand all aspects of the SAP products, networks, data centers and client business needs. Our objective is to streamline the business processes to make them faster.

Under SAP Implementation Services, the team at Aarav Solutions follows the below stated timeline:


This is the initial stage wherein our focus is to clearly outline the objectives, goals, priorities and scope of the SAP Implementation project. We work together with our clients to create a vision wherein we are sure of the roadmap to be followed. This helps to identify the potential roadblocks and prepare for them in advance. Secondly, this is also the stage where staffing requirements and budgets are defined. Once the roles of all participants are clear and the scope is agreed upon, the stage ends with client approval and go ahead.


In the second stage of SAP implementation, experts at Aarav Solutions take a step forward and analyze the costs involved. We draft estimates of not just the cost of SAP ERP Implementation, but the complete cost of ownership. This includes costs of downtime and maintenance. Often, businesses prepare meticulous estimates of the cost of implementation, training and testing. But at Aarav Solutions, we believe that downtime and maintenance costs are as big a part of the investment for SAP implementation as the project itself and must be budgeted for. Requirements, scoping and time schedule are clearly outlined at the end of the blueprinting stage. Everything is then signed off by the client before moving to the next stage.


At the beginning of the third stage we define the leadership and responsibilities to be observed in the implementation stage. The project lead is a subject matter expert in SAP product functions and has full knowledge of the implementation to be undertaken. This is a critical step to ensure flawless customization of the module to suit the client business needs. Based on the blueprints and planning, SAP ERP software is then installed and data migration is completed. Thereafter the system setup is validated by the project lead. At the end of this stage the completed SAP module is presented to the client and we move to the next stage subject to client approval.


As the name suggests, this stage is where we deal with the aftermath of the SAP implementation project. At every stage we involve the technical experts from the client end to ensure that every functionality of the SAP product holds relevance to your core business requirements. At this stage experts from Aarav Solutions complete various levels of testing and checking for system readiness. This is also the stage where we conduct comprehensive training for the users and administrators of the SAP system we have implemented. Finally after conducting a phased review, the go-live is initiated as per the feedback of the clients.

Once the four stages are completed our team at Aarav Solutions conducts a review and offers post implementation support as required. Our team is committed to providing clients with the right mix of SAP products to enhance their business potential, we strive to provide our clients with the best pricing, pre-implementation and post-implementation services. Our strong delivery mechanism ensure timely completion of the SAP implementation, high quality services, technical expertise and long term maintenance of the system.

At Aarav Solutions, our approach to SAP Implementation Services is client specific and focused on relevance to core business functions. We work hard to ensure that the chosen product mix is in accordance with the client’s business requirements and processes to be followed. We offer cost effective and customized implementation that can benefit your business in a big way. From project planning, change management, training and support we have the expertise to get the job done.

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