Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions Provider (BRM) | Aarav Solutions

Most of the stalwarts in business rely on Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions (BRM) to achieve their most critical business objectives. And as an Oracle Gold Partner, the team Aarav Solutions prides itself in their expertise and experience in implementing the Oracle BRM solutions for their clients.

The Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions helps enterprises create a simplified and error free process to manage billing systems and revenue calculation. At Aarav Solutions we strive to customize and provide the most optimal solution while implementing the BRM for our enterprise clients. Having worked with a broad spectrum of companies, from varied industries and sectors – our team has the expertise to deliver a billing solution that is the best fit for your business.

Why choose the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions?

The Oracle BRM is a boon for new business models as it helps to leverage digital communication systems and links seamlessly with other Oracle E-business Suite application and/or external applications as well. It supports charging and rating for any service, any payment method, any geography and any type of customer and partner. Some of the most important benefits of the Oracle Billing & Revenue Management Solutions are:

1) Easy launch and marketing for new services

The Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions makes it simpler and faster for enterprises to introduce newer services. Adding them in the system is simpler and it may be customized to integrate new applications as needed for the launch of new services.

2) Enables a variety of charging capabilities for competitive differentiation

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions helps enterprises create innovative and intelligent charging and rating for their services. Enterprises may decide the payment method or the price of what they offer on the basis of policy and strategy rather than technical capabilities or lack thereof. This helps to gain a competitive advantage over their competitive advantage.

3) A single platform based application that supports various business models

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management supports multiple Oracle based business applications as well as external applications with the help of Oracle Application Integration Architecture. This enable the Oracle BRM system to support multiple business models from a single platform. Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management is the only product-based revenue management solution that is functionally rich enough to support the customer-centric, innovative business models as well as the revenue growth demands that are required by enterprises across industries.

4) Extreme performance and throughput for convergent workloads

The Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions has been created with a view to cater to high demand requirements. Of all BRM Systems available to enterprises, the Oracle BRM has the most extreme real time performance and high availability.

Advanced analytics capabilities

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions comes with an advanced analytical capability. Advanced analytics is an ability that allows an enterprises to understand the business environment better and also, to respond immediately to changes in the environment. Advanced Analytics offer insights into customer preferences. This enables enterprises to design discounts and offer strategically – to increase subscriber satisfaction.

Aarav Solutions is a premier Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Solutions provider. Our expertise has helped numerous clients implement the Oracle BRM on time and without a hitch. We pride ourselves with timely delivery and honoring the boundaries of the given budget for such projects. At Aarav Solutions our involvement in your business will not end with implementation. Aarav Solutions helps create, implement and update all software that we create for our clients. From simple subscription-based billing environments to complex usage-based billing environments, Aarav Solutions creates the right solution for you.