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February 14, 2018
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Greatest threat to every business in the world? Cyber Crime! As a result of weakness in design, implementation and/or control factors of an unsecured computer system, your business is more prone to cybercrime and open to vulnerabilities. A business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 40 seconds and, as reported by Cybersecurity Ventures, will rise to every 14 seconds by 2019. Cyber-crime damages costs are predicted to soar to $6 trillion by 2021. Healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, government and transportation were the top 5 cyber-attacked industries in 2017 and are predicted to remain so for 2018. However, heavy investments to counter cybercrime, phishing scams and practices leading to financial loses, theft of crucial information and data are being deployed and integrated with a variety of enterprise systems. One of such counter mechanisms is PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) where, for instance, geographical information systems and building management systems are integrated to lead businesses with a holistic approach.

PSIM is built on the concept that all security matter is data. PSIM empowers your enterprise by proactively resolving situations and identifying personnel, which is further achieved by collecting and correlating events from existing data and information systems such as video, sensors, analytics, networks, access control, etc. Here is why you need to know about PSIM:

1) It enables modern business processes to be time-saving and benefits modern security department with its efficiency of automation.

2) PSIM was designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through on comprehensive user interface.

3) Increase in control and management reporting.

4) Reduced security costs while increasing security through increased intelligence.

5) Contextualized and analysed data bring in clarity with information essential to better business information.

6) Centralized Security Infrastructure leading to-

        a. Increase in situational awareness.

        b. Consistency in level of security across all sites, thus no weak links.

        c. Better use of remote monitoring and fewer control rooms.

7) Proactively manages increasing volume of information in the control room. In other words, it collects data from any number of unlinked security devices or systems.

8) Analytic data can be utilized to create critical reports for security department heads. Further, it correlates data, events and alarms to identify the real situations and their priority.

9) Presents information in a quick and user-friendly format to verify, react and resolve any situation for the operator.

10) PSIM also tracks any manual changes to security systems and calculates reaction times for each event.

In conclusion, PSIM is a unified solution that combines active knowledge, reduces broken integrations as system changes versions and equips the security personnel/operators with quicker response time through their tighter interoperability. However, PSIM is not just for large enterprises as smaller enterprises are rapidly reaping benefits of the IT-based system of PSIM. What makes PSIM unique is in its ability to not rely upon one system such as video, rather gathers data from multiple-individual systems and creates real-time and comprehensive view for the security personnel. Taking initiative to detect cyber threats than trying to prevent them can help your organization achieve more in terms of efficiency, security and productivity.

With leading organizations aiming to attain perfect protection from malicious behaviours, the need to avoid any security incident with strong response to is crucial today, than ever before. With enterprises and organizations moving up the ladder in operations across all facets with the help of technological advancements and infrastructure, having layers of capable preventive controls is the key to avoid any breach. At Aarav Solutions, our cyber security such as PIDS, CCTV and PSIM measures are ready to be deployed at Airports, Seaports, Borders and Border Crossing, Nuclear and Conventional power stations, Oil & Gas facilities, Pipelines, Prison facilities, Municipalities, and many more. Our philosophy? Detect, Respond and Prevent! Know more about India’s leading cybersecurity solutions at

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