Mobile App Development Services

Our team at Aarav Solutions is committed to development of high quality applications and services for our clients. Mobile app development services by Aarav Solutions are no exception. We strive to create innovative applications which can meet your business requirements perfectly.

Our clientele comprises of a wide spectrum of enterprise businesses from around the world – with varying requirements. Aarav Solutions has helped to fulfill diverse client objectives ranging from reaching the target audience to increasing subscriptions with our mobile app development services.

At Aarav Solutions our aim is to build top notch mobile applications that are customer focused. Our expert designers and developers create custom mobile applications that work seamlessly across operating systems and platforms.

Mobile App Development Services

Our services include:


Android App development

High quality android applications including Java & Kotlin. We strive to create apps that run smoothly on various mobile devices.


iOS App development

We create iOS Apps using modern approaches and techniques. This helps us develop applications offering extraordinary end-user experience.


Cross-Platform Mobile App development

We develop cross platform mobile apps which are deployed and published on multiple platforms with the use of a single code base.


Xamarin App development

Developing mobile application using the .NET framework and C# language is an important know-how needed to develop commercial software for mobile technology. Aarav Solutions team holds many years of experience in Xamarin App Development.


React Native App development

Aarav Solutions hold expertise in mobile app development on the react native app development framework. In the past year, we have seen this framework gain popularity among enterprise apps looking to develop mobile applications and we’re well equipped to work with it.


Why Choose Aarav Solutions

Mobile application development is one of the easiest ways of improved interaction and better customer engagement for any business. It is the use of mobile technology that has made seamless brand visibility, accessibility and better customer loyalty possible for a business. At Aarav Solutions we understand the mobile application revolution and the significance of mobile application technology in today’s technology driven business environment. Our team of expert developers and designers – strives to create easy to use, smooth running and productive mobile applications which improve customer experience for our clients.

At Aarav Solutions our motto is to develop enterprise grade mobile applications which can empower your business process and as a result support the digital transformation of the business. We create native and hybrid mobile applications for all platforms including Android, iOS and Windows mobile.


UX Design

Developing mobile applications for business processes is a crucial step in a business’ digital transformation journey. Therefore our developers focus on the end user for creating an exceptional user interface which helps your brand engage with the customers. Our expert developers are capable of creating the precise effect and experience as required by the end user.



We offer expertise in developing mobile applications across all popular mobile platforms. We help our clients deliver the mobile app technology with the perfect strategy to cover as many platforms as possible and reach the largest slice of target audience they can.


Scalable and Compatible

We design our applications to be scalable and interoperable from the very beginning. This helps in introducing technological advancements, improvements and better compatibility for the applications. This helps the mobile app retain value for a longer period of time and reduces the likelihood for our clients to re-develop the application from scratch in face of changing circumstances.



At Aarav Solutions we understand the importance of data security and compliance of standards. We are focused on delivering high security standards in every technical project we work on. The Aarav Solutions team is experienced in working with different industry specific security standards and is committed to security and compliance from day one.

With a diverse portfolio of mobile technology projects, the Aarav Solutions team is experienced in developing high quality mobile applications for enterprise businesses. Our experience has shaped a holistic approach which helps us develop mobile applications that employ web-based, embedded or cloud technologies for a better customer experience.