Managed Services

Aarav SolutionsTM provides cost effective IT Managed Services, that includes the likes of Cloud Technology Services and Application Services that is set to transform the IT application and infrastructure niche. To add to this, Aarav SolutionsTM also provides Managed Services in the niche of Telecom and ERP solutions.

Aarav SolutionsTM provides Managed Services for

  • Security and Cloud Operations
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Application Management

Aarav SolutionsTM offers integrated managed services that enhance and align IT operations to manage business process performance of its clients. Aarav SolutionsTM manages and takes full responsibility for providing a well-defined set of services to its clients and even to their end customers. Aarav SolutionsTM uses different and innovative business models to lower the operating costs and upsurge the productivity levels with its managed services offerings.

It works with Offshore Development Center (ODC) business model to put in place multiple IT services, with steadfast and well planned strategic IT operations for its clients.

Offshore Development Center (ODC) Excellence

Aarav SolutionsTM achieves ODC excellence by offering services with four key principles

  1. Facilities Management
  2. Project Delivery
  3. IT Best Practices
  4. Information Security

With ODC facilities management, Aarav SolutionsTM provides services with security check in and facility access control to employees, vendors and visitors along with closed caption TV monitoring. With project delivery, it manages resource screening and onboarding.


Financial and Performance data for Projects

With ODC excellence Aarav SolutionsTM works on a set of IT and security best practices with guidelines to safeguard the financial and performance data for different projects to deliver Best-managed services. The ODC complies with the client requirements to protect resources data and confidential project information. Aarav SolutionTM has regulated for different projects with very strict control of access for both physical and logical scenarios while usage of information resources, sensitive data and external 3rd party resources applicable to its managed services.

Periodic Risk Assessments and IT Practices

The ODC Security Practice Manager shall conduct a periodic risk assessment as a safeguard to protect the client’s sensitive information and data related to its services. The risk assessment includes validation of employee training and management, checking of information systems with network and software design, detecting, preventing, and responding to attacks, intrusions, or system failures. The ODC follows best practices with VPN access and its management related to its services.

Goal of the ODC Change Management Process

Aarav’s goal with ODC change management process is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes in managing its client’s services. It minimizes the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality, and consequently improve the day-to-day operations of the ODC which are linked with the managed services the company offers to its clients and the end customers.