1. Telecom

India ranks second in global telecommunications market with continuous upsurging growth patterns. With mobile economy growing swiftly,Telecom industry is highly contributing to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, with technology advancements, telecommunication organizations need to restructure themselves around corporate clients, end customers, market enlargement, industry drifts and new state of the art infrastructure.

Aarav Solutions

Aarav is an emergent provider of BSS and OSS solutions to Telcos globally. They are domain experts in telecom industry with expertise in providing high-end Telecom Consultancy Services (TCS). With experience and after analyzing these technological advancements, Aarav is now ready to provide highly critical telecom solutions to Telcos on the way providingresourceful products to the end customers.

Along with services and solutions, the company also provides products which empower Enterprise Billing in the cloud and billing for corporate businesses. Aarav provides solutions using Oracle Communication products which includes PDC,OBRM, OSM, ECE, MetaSolv, UIM,AIA and ASAP.

The solutions cover Oracle CRM and products like Siebel and Salesforce. Along with ERP products like Oracle EBS, Information Architecture using Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and Master Data Management suite.

They help wire line and wireless Telco’s to develop themfor delivering high performance.They provide key telecom solutions that can assist in creating and managing new products and services better, at low cost and reduced risks.

2.Government & Enterprise

Getting required value from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems need to shift from fragmentarycompetence to operational excellencein government administration and different enterprises. This requires changesdoneby prioritization, optimum performance management, and upsurging the scale of existing enterprise and government assets.

Aarav Solutions

Aarav solutions for government and enterprises maximizes the true value through and from their ERP and SAP systems by aligning processes and driving competences to deliver their services.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Aarav offers ERP solutions to government and enterprises for their business progressions.These solutions allow them toutilize systemsencompassing complexintegrated applications, to handle business and mechanize back office rolesconnected to technology, resources and services.

SAP Solutions

Aarav’s SAP solutions meet increasing demand for healthier government services and enterprise accountabilities.With SAP solutions, Aarav can guide government sector and enterprises to succeed in todays advanced economy by implementing and deploying different levels of offered services by building improved business value, and ensure commercialequilibrium.

3.Banking & Finance

Global banking sector is sufficiently structured, capitalized and well managed. The current global financial market suggests that Indian banks are functionally robust and have even resisted the international downturn positively.

Indian banking industry is further growing with roll out of new banking models with innovative payment and investment options. RBI’s novel measures may are assisting the rearrangement of the domestic banking commerce.

Finance and banking organizations are implementing advanced banking solutions to further progress and reduce overall costs, create better-quality business transaction outcomes and quicken speed to market.

Aarav Solutions

Aarav assists banks and financial companies by providing web based middleware solutions for transactions and messaging management. Its products and solutions assist banking users to process NEFT/RTGS signed and unsigned communication messages with user interface connected to the core banking software via a single sign on. These systems can be linked directly to core systems and MI servers to operate online in the real time. Bank users can view and monitor required communicated messages which are placed in the core banking system and the MI queue.

Aarav’s solutions help advance the complete banking and financial communication work-flow to efficiently utilize system resources.