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If we could just delve inside the mind of a hacker and get a hint of his thoughts, what would we learn from that? Would it help us solve the quest and discover the reason why hackers do what they do and how they pull it off? Cyber attacks are nothing new, but they seem to be growing epically with higher intensity and frequency. What are the motives of the cyber criminals behind all the cyber crimes and what are the reasons for these attacks? Living in the present era, are the cyber attacks financially motivated or are they motivated by the attention they receive? Let’s take a look and see if we can uncover the reasons why they are happening.

Cyber-Crimes Seeking Attention and Recognition

Cyber Criminals are pretty much proud of their work and they want nothing else than to be recognized for it. Thus, the Cyber-Security industry is seeing an epic increasing number of attacks motivated by the desire for recognition and attention. In fact, even when hackers seeks for financial gains from their work they also want to grab as much attention as they can at the same time.

Game Of Thrones Hack

Recently, the leaked unaired episode of the HBO’s game of thrones is the perfect example of this. We all know that game of thrones is one of the extremely popular series, every fan of this epic show is glued to the last season to know what’s going to happen further in the future episode. Could you just think of a better way to grab attention than to acquire, and leak, portions of the script and its episode? That is exactly the kind of huge attention that cyber criminals thrive on.

Financial Gain Still In The Game

Attention is what cyber criminals thrive on but in the present era it seems that cyber criminals are looking for recognition as well as financial gain. The more attention they can grab the more leverage they gain as a ransom. Furthermore, the entertainment industry is becoming as one of the most popular target of cyber criminals as they realize the potential for both grabbing attention as being in the headlines as well as enormous financial gains.

Make Sure You Are Safe

Cyber crime is evolving with the latest trends day by day and we need the best methods to fight it. Hackers want to grab attention as much as they want to steal your data, and they are using every means possible to get to it. You need to get yourself prepared to combat them and protect your information. Aarav Solutions provides all the security you need to keep you and your organization safe from cyber threats.


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