Digital Marketing

At Aarav Solutions, we understand that digital marketing is a lot more than a method to build brand visibility. Digital marketing is a platform for your brand to reach out and connect with the right customers. Building traffic online is no longer enough. With almost every other business working hard to build their brand identity online – a good digital marketing strategy is one which not only builds traffic but turns that traffic into sales.

Aarav Solutions offers tailor-made digital marketing solutions and a broad bouquet of digital marketing services that help you achieve your goals. Read on to know more:

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO also known as inbound marketing helps your brand or website remain at the forefront of search engine results for your target audience. If done right, SEO can help your website gain visibility where it is needed the most. But if SEO is done wrong or worse still; not done at all, it can adversely affect brand presence online.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

  • Aarav Solutions offers high quality SEO services that can optimize your brand’s online presence in the most ethical way.
  • All our SEO services are as per the guidelines given by Google and other prominent search engines like Bing and Yahoo.
  • We aim to showcase your brand and products to the most relevant audience online thus ensuring business growth and development.
  • Our experts analyze the customer behavior and your brand objectives in the light of key performance indicators or KPIs of your website in different search engines.
  • SEO at Aarav Solutions is done by establishing a thorough understanding of KPIs and optimization based on such analysis.

At Aarav Solutions, we work not as an agent but as an SEO Partner who can understand your business perspective before designing your SEO strategy.

Why does your business need SEO?

  • SEO is a continuous process and every website needs to keep optimizing to remain at the top of the search results.
  • SEO services for each business should be designed as per the business and website objectives to ensure the best results.
  • A well thought out and objective SEO exercise for your website maybe just what it needs to improve traffic quantity and quality.
  • Ethical methods of SEO cannot only catapult your website to the top of the search results but also ensure that only the most relevant users of the internet land on your webpage for the best customer experience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What is SMM?

The use of social media platforms to promote your service or product is called social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is a potent digital marketing tool.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

Aarav Solutions’ team of SMM experts appreciate the uniqueness of every business and the need to analyze every brand’s identity objectively before building a social media marketing plan. Here is what we do:

  • We create engaging content which can bring users of social media closer to the brand by making them curious or interested.
  • This is achieved by understanding customer sentiment and developing content based on what prospective customers would like to know or achieve by engaging with your brand on social media.
  • At Aarav Solutions, we understand the criticality of this exercise in building an effective social media marketing campaign.
  • Our SMM services include close monitoring and analysis of every piece of content that is shared by your brand on social media platforms.
  • This helps to understand exactly which content is well received by the target audience thus enhancing the efficiency of your SMM campaigns.

Why does your business need SMM?

  • One of the best ways of direct engagement with the customer is social media marketing.
  • An average millennial spends two to four hours on social media every day, making this a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to prospective customers and showcase their brands.
  • Aarav Solutions works to establish visibility and connect for your brand on multiple social media platforms.
  • We understand that Social Media Marketing or SMM is perhaps the most positive way of getting up, close and personal with prospective customers.


What are creatives?

Any graphics or pictures that maybe used for the purpose of marketing or advertisement are creatives. Aarav Solutions offers high quality creatives and website designs developed by our experts.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

  • Our creatives can help your brand stand out from the crowd in all formats – display advertisements, picture captions and even the placement of an ad can make a difference.
  • In a dynamic online environment, we approach every aspect of your business’ digital marketing efforts objectively. A thorough understanding of the objective of the creative and where it is going to be used helps us make designs that are conversion oriented and ads that actually get clicked
  • Our creatives can give your brand the push it needs to catch the eye of your target audience.
  • We spend considerable time and effort to get the message just right in the shortest span of time and attention.
  • We also optimize our creatives for mobiles and tabs to get you the best results. Aarav Solutions has the creativity as well as the technical expertise to give your brand creatives that can be integral to your digital marketing efforts.

Why does your business need Creative expertise?

The age old saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Is true even today. In fact, if a good picture can convey a thousand words, a good video can convey ten thousand. Good designing and eye-catching graphics play a significant role in digital marketing. Even if the content is excellent, if the packaging of the content is unimpressive – it doesn’t work.

Aarav Solutions offers designing services for creatives related to website design, display ads, ads for social media and many more. We pride ourselves in our responsive designing technique which can help create an engaging and memorable customer experience.

Online Media Planning & Buying

What is Online Media Planning & Buying?

The task of determining the best combination of online media platforms so as to get the maximum exposure in the given budget is media planning & buying. Media planning and buying is at the core of a good digital marketing plan.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

  • Aarav Solutions holds a rich experience in diversified media buying and planning services for various brands.
  • Online media planning and buying at Aarav Solutions is driven by insights and analysis of past media usage data. This helps the business to choose the best online platforms to showcase their brand without repeating mistakes made in the past.
  • Aarav Solutions offers a result oriented approach in planning and purchasing ad space for your brand. There are several social media marketing sites and other platforms like Google Adwords that offer advertising options, but not all may be profitable or authoritative for your brand. Choosing an ad space that your target audience will not only be drawn to but also be inclined to interact with is very important.
  • Planning online media our team at Aarav Solutions usually begins with keyword planning. We believe in starting right to build a robust online media plan which establishes the desired brand image within a given budget.

Why does your business need Creative experts?

Many service providers often give the impression that planning for and buying online media is a simple task. But the truth is, that the process involves a lot of analysis, intelligence and budgeting to ensure the best results. Here’s how we can help your business:

  • Aarav Solutions offers services for drafting the ad strategy and budgeting for the online campaign and a continuous revision of online media placement as per performance metrics.
  • Our online marketing experts combine the insights from analysis of available options and past data with the required results to draft a plan that keeps these inputs in consonance.
  • Finding the target consumers at the right moment in the buying cycle and at the right price is of prime importance – this helps our clients maximize the results of their online media planning and buying.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or Pay-per-Click campaign is a form of digital marketing that improves a website’s visibility in search engine results through paid advertising. It is a significant aspect of digital marketing for a business.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

  • At Aarav Solutions we work hard at identifying the right keywords that makes it possible to create a budget friendly campaign.
  • Our campaigns aim to show the right message to the target audience at the right time with an immaculately planned search engine marketing effort.
  • Aarav Solutions can help accelerate your online marketing efforts with an optimized and efficient pay-per-click campaign.
  • Our team holds expertise in creating multiple word ads and display ads as per the brand’s need.
  • We help you monitor the clicks versus views for each ad with respect to the placement and conversion rate of each ad to help understand the bigger picture.
  • Our experts at Aarav Solutions identify the generic and long-tailed keywords which can help your ad reach the top of the search engine marketing pyramid and write an optimized ad according to this information.
  • Efforts of Aarav Solutions team to optimize the ad and identifying keywords when combined with a relevant landing page is bound to attract high quality traffic to your website.

Why does your business need SEM?

Efficient Search Engine Marketing campaigns are instrumental in enhancing your online brand presence. To utilize this digital marketing medium better Aarav Solutions helps clients analyze and reanalyze the performance metrics of the search engine marketing campaign in an objective light. This includes:

  • Understanding the audience response
  • Breaking up this response on the basis of audience demographics
  • Constant monitoring of the click-through-rate and conversions.

These performance metrics are key to a wholesome digital marketing campaign. Unlike conventional marketing, search engine marketing with Aarav Solutions gives you a chance to revise your marketing efforts and revisit marketing strategy to improve the campaign based on above metrics.

Mobile Application Development

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is the name of  the process followed to create a software for use  on wireless computing devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is a one of the most economical ways of reaching out to a global audience on Android and/or iOS platforms.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

Aarav Solutions offers technical expertise in building, launching and promoting mobile applications for your business. Read on to know more:

  • Aarav Solutions aims to develop a user friendly app design and the right search engine optimization strategy for your business.
  • We provide both hybrid and native solutions for mobile application development to suit your needs.
  • With a variety of devices in the market, each with a different screen size and software being available in the market, it pays to ensure your app is supported on all devices by regular testing, maintenance and updates.
  • Aarav Solutions understands the business expectation from the mobile application before we commence development. We make constant efforts to conduct updates and maintenance checks for a smooth user experience.
  • We develop mobile applications which can help your brand interact with innumerable users irrespective of their industry, background or geographical location.
  • We have years of experience in developing engaging apps that are fun to use and improve a brand’s interaction with customers to a great extent.

Why does your business need mobile application development?

  • User friendly and sustainable applications offer a one of a kind experience to your prospective customers.
  • The aim of mobile application development is always to enhance the brand’s digital marketing efforts.
  • For businesses looking for sales and online leads an app can be a useful platform.
  • A high quality and easily accessible app can help your brand reach out to a larger customer base.
  • An app that works well on Android and iOS platforms and is compatible on all devices adds great value to your digital marketing campaign.

Web Development

  • A bouquet of services fall under the heading of web development. Broadly defined, it refers to all the tasks related to creating a website that is to be hosted on an intranet or the internet. This includes:
  • Writing the code that forms the base for a full functional website
  • Designing the website for a good user experience
  • Designing an attractive web pages and graphics that the user would like to come back to.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

At Aarav Solutions, we aim to give our clients a one stop solution for web development.

  • Our technical experts at Aarav Solutions understand the goal of the website being developed. This helps to guide the coding and development efforts in the right direction.
  • We help our clients create engaging websites for corporate, marketing and other commercial purposes.
  • We also provide an efficient content management system to create, edit and update the content on your webpage as needed.
  • The design and functionality of the website are more important than the written content. Aarav Solutions has a dedicated team that works on the usability, functionality and visualization of the interface.
  • Years of experience in UI/UX designing coupled with our knowledge of HTML and CSS development is perfect to create a robust website for your brand.
  • We use World Wide Web compliant HTML and SEO semantic coding for the best results.

Why does your business need Web Development Services?

An easy to use website is an important rung in the ladder of success in the digital marketing world. This is because:

  • A website represents and introduces your brand to millions of prospective customers around the world.
  • Apart from promotion and introduction of products and services, a website is useful as a platform of interaction for your brand and your customers.
  • Building an attractive and smooth functioning website requires expertise in web development.
  • Professional web developers at Aarav Solutions are adept at creating a responsive design for websites. This makes it possible to render the webpages in a user friendly format according to the device – smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Our web development team goes the extra mile to ensure that every page of the website is developed as per your expectation. Aarav Solutions holds expertise in responsive designing of webpages.

Video Creation & Marketing

What is Video Creation & Marketing

Video Creation and marketing services are a set of tasks aimed to produce video content for brands and to promote the content on the right platform. More than any other medium video is the most interactive and in-depth user experience. Most businesses that are looking to make their presence felt online opt for video content on their website and social media.

The Aarav Solutions Advantage

At Aarav Solutions we possess the expertise to produce and promote engaging video content for the promotion of your brand.

  • Video content at Aarav Solutions is created with the objective of making an impact for your brand.
  • We specialize in creating video content that is optimized for search engines to ensure greater visibility.
  • We apprehend the message to be given through the video content, the brand image to be projected and the placement of the video on the internet – so that we have a clear picture of the target audience.
  • Aarav Solutions creates video content that is relevant, clutter breaking and in consonance with the brand image.
  • The team of experts at Aarav Solutions doesn’t just help with the video production but provides an end to end solution for video creation and marketing.
  • Once the video has been created, it is launched on social media and YouTube as per a well thought out digital marketing strategy that can garner the maximum views.

Why does your business need Video Creation & Marketing Services?

  • Video Content engages the target audience better than any other medium.
  • Apart from creating an engaging user experience video content has now become an indispensable part of search engine optimization plans.
  • Search engines now show the topmost results as YouTube video links for many queries.
  • Professionally produced videos by our team have better present-ability and a greater probability of going viral.