Aarav Solutions presents an integrated and paperless vigilante system for Customs. Technological innovation that enhances government revenue and improves security of the whole system. Digital Customs by Aarav Solutions automates and mobilizes official processes in general and trading procedures in particular.

At Aarav, we believe that technological evolution of Customs should not be limited to collection of data but rather digitization should empower the whole system of Customs. We aim to provide seamless performance and attentiveness, universal availability of information and a stability of the system like never before.

Our digital customs system “Roadworthiness” ensures authenticity and efficiency of the system. The Roadworthiness system successfully eliminates the middle man. Roadworthy stickers are equipped with RFID tags. Information related to the vehicle number, color, make, model, owner’s name & information, issue date and expiry date of the tags may all be accessed through the sticker.


Need for software Roadworthiness

The Vehicle Licensing Authority issues stickers to all vehicles based on the border custom clearance of the vehicle and necessary approvals. However, this fitness certificate given to the vehicle must be renewed every few years based on the condition of the vehicle.

There are several middlemen in the above process who also issue fake stickers causing a loss of revenue to the Vehicle Licensing Authority. Not only that, unfit vehicles which have been allowed to  run on the roads based on these fake stickers may prove to be a hazard for the drivers themselves, as well as others on the roads. Unfit vehicles may also lead to air pollution and other environmental hazards. It is also a challenge for vehicle licensing authorities to schedule a fitness renewal for vehicles with fake stickers.

Process Followed By Roadworthiness For Digital Customs

  1. Registration of vehicle with the Vehicle Licensing Authority at the clearance point.
  2. Issuance of RFID equipped Roadworthiness stickers to all vehicles which complete the fitness assessment.
  3. POS devices allotted to the police and road safety authorities to help identify vehicles with expired stickers or stolen vehicles. Thus ensuring imposition of fines and penalties as needed.
  4. SMS notifications sent to vehicle owners to remind them about fitness certificate renewal for their vehicles.
  5. Real time MIS reports created and updated in the Vehicle Licensing Authorities central database.

Noteworthy Features & Benefits Of Roadworthiness Software By Aarav Solutions

  1. Easy record and tracking of registered vehicles and pending renewals on a daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand basis.
  2. Convenient dashboard view of all expired RFIDs which may be sorted and viewed daily.
  3. Administrators at the Vehicle Licensing Authority may easily share the details of expired roadworthy vehicles or stolen vehicles with the police on a daily basis. This in turn ensures better implementation of rules.
  4. Customized reports generated by the server as needed.