How To Deal With Ransomeware via Physical Security

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Physical Security systems

Ransomware have nowadays become one of the major cyber security concern and cyber attacks against businesses are increasing day by day. Hackers infect computer systems with malware, locking out the users until they agree to pay ransom, usually via Bitcoins or other untraceable currencies.

In most of the cases, the only way to resolve this issue is by either paying the ransom or purchasing new equipments. According to a recent study survey approximately 40% of data losses involved some sort of physical media, such as laptops or thumb drives. It leads us to a question

Is there any optimal way to ensure that we can prevent ourself from becoming a victim of ransomware?

The best line of defense against any form of cyber attack is to have a robust physical security system to deter would-be criminals from accessing the information from your critical systems and potentially crippling your operations.

Here are some of the physical security steps that you can take to protect your business from a ransomware attack:

Control Access To Your Critical Systems

It is very crucial for the organizations to have a comprehensive security plan which must able to protect their premises, employees and vital data of the company. You must ensure that only authorized persons have the access to your critical systems. Here are some steps which may help you.

Control access to your facility

Control access to your premises via. key-card or an biometric system, which may help to ensure that only trusted employees are allowed onsite.

On-premise visual surveillance

Security Guards must be able to monitor the CCTV feeds while simultaneously should be able to challenge any suspicious activity in the premises.

CCTV system

A CCTV system not only allows you to monitor all the areas of your facility but it serves as a visual deterrent for criminals to attempt to gain access at sensitive areas.

Implement Security Best Practices

In addition to proper physical surveillance and access control systems in place, it is important that all of your employees and facility must follow best practices when it comes to security.

Here are some of the best security practices that should be followed by everyone in organizations:

Proper password usage

For security effectiveness the passwords should have a mixture of upper and lower case letters with numbers and special characters included.

Disconnect/remove unused terminals

 Unused computer terminals can be of a great use for the unauthorized users or cyber criminals attempting to access your network. If some of the terminals are unused for a long time, removing these terminals and securely storing them can be a small step you can take to prevent security breaches.

Conduct proper security training

 Ensuring that your employees understand the responsibility for physical security, everyone’s awareness in your company towards the security measures will help to prevent ransomware attacks from happening.

There are some of the steps that a company can take to protect themselves from a ransomware attack, and it begins with having a proper physical security system in place.

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