CYPHORT – A Security Solution For Advanced Threat Defense

Aarav offers highly innovative and headlong security solutions for advanced threat defense.Yes, Cyphort is Aarav’s most cutting-edge security product that detects evasive threats which cause multifaceted security breaches. The product is an unconventional enterprise security solution that functions using aninimitable combination of machine learning and a forward-thinking behavioral analysis. It empowers incident response by prioritizing alerts, eliminating the overloads and thereby significantly reduce the response time for better security outcomes.

Need to Take Initiatives– Detection Beyond Prevention

Security leaders must move forward taking initiatives to detect threats rather than trying to prevent them every time they attack. Organizations need to accept that perfect protection is not easily achievable.Theyessentially need to detect and strongly respond tomalicious behaviors and security incidents. They need to understand that even the best preventative controls will not preventall the security attacks and threats. Having multiple detection capabilities are a key as the enterprises must comprehend that the security threats will prevail and cannot be compromised thinking that they will prevent them once they are breached.

Cyphort’s Three Step Security Solution Approach

  1. Detect: It closesall the security gaps by swiftly detecting the unknown threats
  2. Respond:It accelerates and simultaneously prioritize precise alerts to IRteams
  3. Prevent:It continuously enhances the efficacyof all the in-line tools against new security threats

Detection Solutions by Cyphort – that Every Organization Demands

  1. Infrastructure Support
  • Effortless system integrations with the existing security products
  • No rip-and-replace, no specialized appliances to be newly installed
  • Simple and scalable deployment for long term solution sustenance
  • Fast time-to-value and swift Return on Investment (ROI)


  1. Operational Assistance
  • Simply integrate with existing management tools and ongoing security processes
  • Quick results with returns on human capital, breach prevention and deployment
  • Fewer alerts, faster incident responses and high-end productivity of technical resources


  1. Protection and Futuristic Measures
  • The product detects and contain threats that bypass in-line tools
  • There are continuous updates in the background to recognize new threat behaviors
  • Strengthen existing security products from not only current but even from future attacks

Cyphort Solution Architecture

  1. Multiple cores can support an infinite number of collectors to meet or exceed security needs
  2. Distributed software models with open APIs seamlessly integrate with the existing security architecture
  3. There is continuous discovery, correlation, analysis and reporting of advanced threats moving throughout the network
  4. APIs allow automatic updates of security policies to strengthen in-line security tools against more complex and futuristic attacks
  5. Advanced threat detections with near real-time discovery, analysis and reporting of new threats