Why You Should Think About Cybersecurity Solutions For Your Small Business

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Cybersecurity is the newest threat that businesses around the world are dealing with today. It’s not just the frequency of cybercrimes that is alarming but also the degree of damage cyber theft can inflict has risen. One of the biggest mistakes that small and medium businesses make is to assume that cybersecurity is meant only for large businesses. Experts at Aarav Solutions strongly believe that cybersecurity is an integral part of growing businesses and that adapting your systems to protection against cybercrime at an early stage can have far reaching benefits.

What is Cybersecurity?

To begin with, we need to understand the concept of cybersecurity better. Security in an IT set up encompasses cyber and physical security. The basic motive is to prevent unauthorized access to data centers and systems. It involves securing your hardware, software and data stored on internet connected systems from malware, viruses and cyber-attacks such as thefts. Cybersecurity systems are designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data of your business.

The important questions to ask are – can cybersecurity systems prevent a cyber-attack on my business data? Can they detect an attack beforehand? Can a customized cybersecurity system be designed to fit into my existing security system and software architecture?

Why does Cybersecurity apply to your small & medium business?

Statistics show that over forty percent of cybercrime around the world targets small and medium businesses. With web based businesses on the rise, India is fast becoming a prime target for data theft and hacking related crimes. In such a scenario, businesses should invest in cybersecurity at every stage.

Investment in cybersecurity is unlikely to yield any short term benefits to your business – thus, it is tempting to overlook your business’ security needs and invest in technological advancement instead. However, in the long run a strong cybersecurity system that has been developed alongside the primary IT infrastructure of the business can prove to be beneficial for your business.

The number one reason CEOs across the world cite for investing in cybersecurity is that in this interconnected world, developing a strong cybersecurity system is a way of gaining a customer’s trust. Customers today share a lot of personally identifiable information when availing services from online sources – they may choose you over your competition because of your capability to protect their confidential information.

Cybersecurity Solutions by Aarav Solutions

At Aarav Solutions, we follow a three step approach to cybersecurity:

1) Detect: Security gaps in the business’ existing systems are detected and closed. We anticipate the kind of threats your business may face and to design a protection mechanism specific to your business.

2) Respond: In step two we ask the question that in case of a threat of cyberattack what should be the system’s response? On the basis of that, we create prioritized alerts that are sent to IR teams to facilitate immediate response and termination of threat.

3) Prevent: Continual enhancement of the efficacy of the in-line tools against security threats helps to keep the cybersecurity system robust and useful.

Our cybersecurity systems are built to handle every day security measures and emergency situations both. We help businesses build flexible and scalable cybersecurity software which offer protection for local and remote IT systems for prevention of cybercrime. With features like intuitive GUI, advanced engines with 2D/3D maps, video and geospatial information systems – the cybersecurity solutions offered by Aarav Solutions are truly state of the art. These solutions have been deployed by businesses around the country to enable them to work in a more secure cyber environment.

Aarav Solutions is a leading name in IT Infrastructure and Telecom Consultancy Services. We provide a plethora of Cybersecurity Solutions to businesses across the country. Our vision is to transform Indian businesses with the help of innovative technological solutions and our expertise. We aim to provide each of our clients with out-of-the box solutions which are customized for their needs and helps their business surge ahead in today’s dynamic business environment. Aarav Solutions helps businesses gain a competitive edge with the best Cybersecurity Solutions.

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