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June 1, 2018
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June 20, 2018

A new trend is paving its path for a dark cyber reality. According to an Endpoint Security Risk Report by Ponemon Institute, 54 percent of companies experienced at least one successful cyber attack that compromised their data and/or IT infrastructure in 2017. The ongoing shift from the traditional approach of malicious .exe files have evolved to fileless or exploit techniques. How much have they evolved? Of the successful cyber attacks which were carried out, 77 percent were fileless or uses exploiting techniques making traditional security solutions such as antivirus complete obsolete. The cost for each successful attack was estimated about $5 Million for large enterprises or an average of $301 per employee, reported the findings.

Eradicating unauthorized access to information and ensuring to avoid disclosure, modification and/or damage to valuable data has become the top priority for businesses. Implementation of cybersecurity essentials and establishing robust defense mechanisms with apt cybersecurity technology, however, can eliminate vulnerabilities in processes and practices across all facets of the enterprise. Cyber Security solutions developed by Aarav Solutions play an integral part in developing a business with wide-ranging threat detection capabilities. Customized programs and applications as per the enterprises need to meet any specific cybersecurity requirements, we offer solutions with PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems), PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and End-to-End On-site Infrastructure with IT and Security Systems.

Here is how solutions by Aarav Solutions gel in perfectly with the existing security models and architectures of the enterprise providing with a fool-proof cybersecurity system.

  • CCTV: Well known security measure CCTV is the most common form of protecting the premises of your business, work area and/or home, from intrusions. With its high resolution and motion control imaging providing a complete record to revisit any unfortunate event or monitoring staff, CCTV proves to be efficient and a valuable investment in the long run. Our COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) products, like communication networks and security cameras, come with video management and motion detection solutions, video analytics and surveillance cameras.
  • PIDS: Proving its mettle with every penny invested in PIDS system, this system is equipped with closing in any redundancies or loopholes in security measures, thus preventing any intruders seeking to gain unauthorized access to secure areas or facilities. With sensors and optic sensors of our PIDS systems working effortlessly and powerfully in challenging situations like heavy rains, the wind, salt, snow, extreme temperatures, severe traffic vibrations and even RFI / EMI.
  • PSIM: PSIM is a concept which considers all aspects of security matter as data. It empowers your enterprise by proactively resolving situations and identifying personnel. Further by collecting and correlating events from existing data and information systems such as video, sensors, analytics, networks, access control, etc, it secures your enterprise with an all-around approach. Acting as a powerful deterrent against theft and increase productivity, PSIM can prove to be significant in operations of your enterprise.

In conclusion, taking initiatives to detect cyber threats than trying to prevent them can help and boost your enterprise to achieve more efficiency, security, and productivity. It’s is more than crucial than ever before to respond strongly and avoid any security breach before they cause harm, both monetarily and physically. With a net increase of 27.4% in the average annual number of security breaches, establishing layers of capable preventive controls is the key to flawless success.

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