BRMBox – Enterprise Billing in the Cloud

Aarav stirs to be a leader in providingcloud services. It’s BRMbox, is a product that monetizes cloud services. The product is a subscription based cloud business technology for enabling transaction billing services powered by Oracle Communications. It is one of the best support system to provide faster and efficient billing and rating services.

The BRMbox Integration

  • Product Catalog Integration

We can set-up a two-way integration of product catalog between BRMbox and your CRM platform. Our product synchronization works at the simple rate level. The additional complex rate enrichment for volume tiers can be done directly using our BRMbox Web UI.

  • Customer Account Integration

There can be a two-way integration of customer accounts between our BRMbox and your CRM platform. We support basic account management and AR functionalities with our product.

  • Sales Order Integration

The two-way integration of sales orders between BRMbox and your CRM platform can be supportedby an order management workflow to allow order status update back to CRM front end.

  • Universal Usage Gateway

There can be a one-way pull of cloud usage details, CDRS or other usage metrics from AWS, Rackspace, BroadSoft switches.

  • Universal Payment Gateway

We offer full tokenization and payment operations to Braintree, Paypal, Stripe, and Paymentech Orbital.

  • Universal Tax Gateway

Our BRMbox offers full sales and communication tax calculation support from Vertex, SureTax and Avalara. The tax exempt management feature is on our roadmap.

  • Universal Financial Gateway

BRMbox can work as a full billing, AR and revenue platform where it provides GL summary to any cloud based financial application. It can work as a pure rating engine where it sends billable items and taxes to your selected financial applications for invoicing and AR management.


Features that Assistsin Running Business Better

  • Anything-as-a-Service Model
  • Subscriber Management
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Operations Efficiency and Scalability
  • Flexible Pricing and Advanced Discounting
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Analytics
  • API

Key Cost Benefits

  • With CAPEX to OPEX being upfront,the ongoing costs have changed in a cloud computing business model
  • There is a straight advantage of lower capital investment and predictable operational expenses
  • Dedicated cloud service provides complete functionality for enabling you to develop strategic differentiators
  • Current implementation is de-risked due to expert vendor viability, efficient operating model and robust functionality