AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading)

Aarav SolutionsTM is a leading provider of pioneering solutions in diverse technology domains. AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading) is an advanced technology product that automates the process of automated meter reading. It mechanizes the reading of consumed data, offers the diagnostic and status of data; on its own. The innovative product computes the billing, assists in troubleshoots and simultaneously offers progressive analysis based on the fetched data.

Meter readers manage a great flood of data, with entering it daily by using old and manual methodologies. This upsurges human errors, resulting into data inaccuracies and leading to process delays, with an increase in cash flows. Finally creating customer dissatisfaction and sometimes frustrations.

AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading) automates data collection from electric, gas and water devices, transfers that data to a centralized database for data analysis and finally for billing. This comprehensive solution is a great breakthrough, in the means of how billing processes can be automatically executed and tracked making the whole system devoid of errors. It offers multiple advantages and benefits to meter readers and end-customers.

AMRBox Benefits to Providers

  • Offers accurate billing information that too in real-time
  • Reduces the meter reading and re-billing costs
  • Enhances safety by using advanced meter reading methodologies
  • Reduces disputes that can be caused because of billing errors
  • Improves reading schedules and reduces delays in billing
  • Increases cash flow, lowers complaints and upsurges usage satisfaction
  • Monitors tampering, theft and helps in energy conservation

AMRBox Benefits to Customers

  • Significant reduction in billing delays and errors
  • Get better reading experience and increases trust in offered services
  • Better access to usage awareness, saving resources and expenses

The AMRBox solution allows you to effortlessly migrate to an advanced AMR infrastructure. It can be delivered as a ready-to-deploy model or tailor-made solution with a state-of-the-art technology.