AII (Aarav Intermediate/Intermittent Interface)

AII (Aarav Intermediate Interface) is one of its kind enterprise product, initiated by Aarav SolutionsTM as the intermediate interface employed to automate the transactions taking place between different banks and the central bank. This product is specifically used by banks to reduce the errors and the required manpower to instantaneously optimize banking processes.

AII – System Functionalities

AII is a web based middleware solution for messaging and transactions management specially build for banks in India who are participants in the RTGS and NEFT system. The solution will assist the banking users to process the NEFT/RTGS unsigned and signed messages with user interface linked to core banking system through a single sign on.

The system can be directly linked to the core system and MI server to function online in real time environment. Bank users can then view the processes and monitor all the required messages which are laying in the core banking system and MI queue. This advances the whole banking communication workflow to effectively use system resources.

AII – Messaging Transactions

Message received by AII from the host system are safely stored after passing validations. A positive or negative response is offered back to the host system as per the configurable validation rule. Senders settlement is done when AII system receives the payment confirmation from RTGS. All the transactions are managed through GUI. The interface will require the banking host system to use API either provided by AII or MQ to interact with AII. AII will expose the API’s which can be used by the host system to read and write in the defined queue for message processing. In this way, AII controls all the messaging workflow transactions.


AII – System Features

  • Web-based Interface for messaging and transaction management
  • Intuitive dashboards, real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Standalone scalable and easily integrable system
  • Fully transparent and has easy User Interface
  • Easily process, monitor, audit and reporting system
  • Quick, Accurate and effortless in use
  • Can handle high volume of data
  • Efficiently use system resources
  • Support integrations with both legacy and advanced systems
  • Generate bulk messages through raw data
  • Threshold time can be configured and managed
  • Housekeeping of high volume of messages can be managed