aBill (Billing for Businesses Now Made Easy)

Aarav SolutionsTM is a pioneer in offering end-to-end billing solutions. It’s aBill, is a billing product that automatedly captures orders, provisioning, billing and ratings for businesses. The product acts like a platform for product catalog, payment mechanisms and all the generated billing reports.

The aBill product offers multiple Billing Solutions

  • Billing for Customers

Customers are connected to a mobile operator through aBill with automated monthly, quarterly or annual invoicing. aBill portfolio includes services like campaigns, advertisements and games. The product catalog covers cyclic or one-time rate.

  • Billing Integrations

aBill is integrated with mobile applications platforms like a storefront, google play, amazon services, windows phone and broadcast coupons or deals. The solution is also connected to a mobile operator for charging gateway to access control and policy management for charging services.

  • Billing Rate Management

aBill possesses a rating engine which is connected to mobile apps for app DCB purchases and the rating engine relates to a database to store information.

  • Billing Modules

aBill handles 360-degree invoicing, notifications, custom panels and user interfaces with end-to-end reporting.

  • Billing Custom Web Access

The custom we access includes country wise operator list, applications with game listing and advertisements.

  • Billing Role based Security

The role based security includes super admin, sub-admin and read only access.

  • Billing Multi-Dimensional Reports

The reports include country wise operator list reports, application wise, game listing wise, operator wise and geographical wise reporting.


Core Product Features that Assist in Running Technology Better Includes

  • Deeper configuration ability which reduces needs for custom code
  • Added functionalities that can be added with plug-in expansion
  • Customizations in functionalities that can be done without changing the core
  • API integrations which assist in communicating fluidly with Enterprise systems
  • Highly scalable design which helps manage high volumes of transactions

Flexibility in Software and Hardware

The product works equally good on Windows and Linux operating systems. The well-suited databases include the likes of Postgre, MySQL and Oracle 11g. The compatible browsers comprise of IE, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome.

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