Driving Horizons TM

Driving HorizonsTM

Pushing the boundaries and going beyond what has been explored is what drives Aarav SolutionsTM. The exemplary taskforce at Aarav SolutionsTM goes leaps and bounds to explore uncharted waters and be the ace of whatever forte they enter.

The Sun is absolutely the perfect defining agent for Aarav SolutionsTM; it stands for all things that Aarav SolutionsTM as a brand is. A leader in its league, a key element that defines the smooth working of all other things; and an identity, that breathes new life into anything it touches.

The New Logo

The new logo being in a shape of a geometric sun, it showcases the integration, power and determination Aarav SolutionTM puts behind its each project to make it successful from every angle.

Aligning Business & Driving Growth

In 2012, we started Aarav SolutionsTM with a vision - to make the best out of technology and applying it practically to promote businesses and help them grow with spectacular IT services. Back then, our portfolio featured just a few projects. Yet, we approached people in the industry, understood their requirements, prepared multiple proof of concepts (POC) without charging anything. Slowly our POC’s started giving results, from one project to another, our efforts finally got harvested. From a small team now we have multiple offices in India and USA.

Today, we understand that we are here not just to sell softwares. We are here to assist people to create successful businesses using our advanced technology solutions. We are here for pushing boundaries and go beyond what has been already explored in the IT markets. Our new brand identity reflects this transformed objective.

Aarav SolutionsTM – Driving HorizonsTM

‘Let’s Driving HorizonsTM’ symbolizes the initiation of a collaborative process. We want to create the best technology by pushing the boundaries and going beyond what has been explored just for you, but with you.

Soon, you will view us live with this philosophy in multiple ways. Our current solutions will help solve your business problems. And with time to time, we will come up with innovative solutions and newer lines of products, keeping with the change in your needs.

We are excited about the opportunities this opens, and look frontwards to discovering them with you.

Ready for the next stage;
Raj Darji,
Founder & CEO
Aarav SolutionsTM