5 Trends to look out for in 2019 – Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has always been a technological innovation that has fascinated IT professionals and researchers around the world. As our country paces ahead to embrace digital mediums and newer modes of computing in every field, it is imperative for IT professionals and entrepreneurs to stay up to date with trends and innovations in the IT industry.

Aarav Solutions brings to you a list of the latest technological breakthroughs to watch out for Cloud Computing in the year 2019. Here they are:

1) The rise of Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

For all those companies struggling to adapt their legacy systems and infrastructure to take advantage of an end to end cloud based platform – hybrid cloud computing comes as a blessing. Hybrid cloud solutions offer greater efficiency to businesses looking to upgrade. It offers a flexibility like never before that allows businesses to transition their systems to cloud computing at their own pace.

Research has shown that early adapters of cloud computing are now ready to run on end-to-end cloud based platforms. Such early adapters will soon require as many as six different clouds to successfully run all their systems. This would be a mix of public and private clouds. Hybrid cloud solutions negate these costs and offer effective cloud based solutions that businesses can immediately adapt.

2) Rapid increment in the use of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are rapidly gaining popularity with businesses around the world. The high level of simplicity offered by cloud based services at affordable costs makes it an attractive option for small, medium and large businesses alike. Experts say that in future, it’s possible that the default web server environment may permanently change to cloud infrastructure thus changing the future of computing forever. Here are a few growth predictions by researches worldwide –

  • SaaS or Subscription based Software-as-a-Service is expected to grow at the rate of 18% by 2020 – Bain & Company
  • IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service market is predicted to be valued at $72.4 billion by 2020 – Gartner
  • PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service market is expected to grow by 56% in 2019 – KPMG

3) Cloud Computing Services may increase the popularity of Quantum Computing

Ever since the invention of qubit or the 5-quantum bit by IBM, quantum computing has seen an exponential rise in popularity. Artificial intelligence in fields like healthcare, education and geo-location has been made possible with the advent of the qubit. All global IT giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM and Intel are working hard to make the most of this technology and 2019 may be the year of quantum supremacy implementation.

In simpler words, quantum supremacy implementation would mean that all the tasks done today by supercomputers of our age may be shifted to quantum computing to achieve higher speed and accuracy. This is definitely a game changing trend to watch out for.

4) Effect of Data Sovereignty & Government Regulations in Cloud Computing Services

Concerns over data sovereignty and privacy continue to cast a grim light on the rising trend of cloud computing around the world. This has given rise to a three tiered structure of public cloud availability based on geography :

a) Global Centralized Resources: To correlate federated data analytics and promote distribution.

b) Regional Resources: Regional hubs which compile data from local edge levels. This is where data sovereignty is of the highest importance.

c) Local In-country Presence: The local tower or office which collects data on ground using sensors and provides real time analytics.

Speed and expansion of cloud computing is not just dictated by government regulations but also by the availability of land, power and connectivity. It remains to be seen that which of the global giants would be the first to scale these obstacles and create a sovereign and secure environment for cloud computing.

5) Cloud Computing may result in improved internet services and 5G network

As the amount of data generated and stored on cloud based platforms increases with each passing day, businesses will soon begin to demand higher speeds and greater connectivity from network providers. Most network providers are already seen equipping themselves to improve the quality of service and network speed they are capable of providing. As this trend surges ahead we can expect to see a shift from gigabyte LTE speeds to full-fledged 5G networks. This change is expected to give a major boost to IoE and IoT industries.

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